August 28, 2018

What Is A Deconstructed Menu?

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Deconstructed Wedding Menus

Have you ever heard of a “deconstructed wedding menu”? No? Please allow me to explain! Deconstructed Menu: a meal or dish that is pulled apart to allow for guest customization. Mashed potato bars are an excellent example. The catering team would place mashed potatoes in a martini glass and make an array of toppings available for self service. Toppings might include bacon bits, vegetables and an array of sauces/gravy.

mashed potatoes

Another deconstructed option is a salad bar. By offering a salad bar, you are providing your guests a healthy option but still allowing them to have fun with their meal. Start with one or two lettuce types and then go to town on the dressings and toppings! Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island, Poppyseed, Caesar, tomatoes, broccoli, corn, peppers, croutons, etc. Salads are tricky. Either people love them or hate them. Providing options increases the chance that your guest will actually eat a salad! 

Dan Gold/Unsplash

Now for dessert, my favorite part! Who doesn’t love s’mores? Leave out heaps of graham crackers and a whole lot of marshmallows, but don’t forget the chocolate! Your guests can roast their own marshmallows and then add any additional toppings if they wish. You can offer peanut butter, whipped cream, sliced fruit, etc… Not only will kids at the reception love this, but adults will too! 

The Shirley Journey

If a completely deconstructed dinner menu is not up your alley, you could incorporate this idea during cocktail hour. One fan favorite is a French Fry Bar. Provide pre filled cones of french fries and an assortment of toppings such as ranch, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey mustard, bacon bits, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, etc… I could go on forever!

A deconstructed menu might not be for everyone, and that is okay! This type of meal tends to be more casual.  A few years ago, I attended a wedding with a similar menu. My husband and I still talk about how fun it was to create “our own menu” at the wedding. 

Have you ever hosted or attended an event with a deconstructed menu? I recently posted about a Thanksgiving dinner party where we featured deconstructed pumpkin soup. You can check out that story here! If so, comment below with recipes, tips and tricks. I can add them to future posts!

Happy Planning!


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