My Ultimate Guilty Pleasure: Bagel Bites

If you have learned anything about me, from following along in my social media accounts, is that I am absolutely OBSESSED with the classic childhood favorite: Bagel Bites! I have no idea why I love them so much, but I think they are a great quick snack, tasty dinner option or even in a pinch, really good for breakfast. Really, in my mind, there is no wrong time to eat a bagel bite. I could even conceive of hosting a dinner party strictly on Bagel Bites alone. 

I recently had my good friend, Joy, from Being Joy Photography come over to my house to photograph the proper techniques to prepare this tasty treat. Follow along as I share with you my undeniable guilty pleasure! 

So, nothing crazy to see here! Just a girl who loves her bagel bites and can not wait for them to come out of the oven! I am pretty basic, and like the plain cheese the best. I think the sausage and pepperoni simply do not do bagel bites any justice. 

Here is how to make them extra amazing: 1. Cook in the oven at 425 degrees for about 13-15 minutes 2. Place them on parchment paper so the cheese can get crispy and easily peel off (also makes clean up a breeze! 3. Add extra cheese, like good gourmet cheddar, the more the better 4. Cook until nice and bubbly golden brown 5. Remove from oven 6. Let cool, (learned the hard way more often than not!) 7. Eat and enjoy 8. Repeat as often as necessary! 

Vendor Spotlight:

Location: Private Residence
Photography: Being Joy Photography
Hair and Makeup: Glamtique Blow Dry Bar
Food: Ore Ida Bagel Bites

Party On, Folks!

Are you looking to provide your guests with a late night snack? This trendy food option provides your guests even more delicious (though, much more casual food) later in the evening. This food, helps soak up some of the alcohol and keep the dancing going full steam ahead! Here are 8 fun, creative and tried & true options!

Chicken & Waffles: A little bit savory, a little bit sweet. This is becoming quite the crowd favorite! If the idea of mixing chicken and waffles doesn’t make your mouth water, you could do a full size chicken tender with different dipping sauces. Think Ranch, BBQ, Honey, etc. 

 Credit and Original Recipe, click  HERE
Credit and Original Recipe, click HERE

Nacho and Salsa Bar: I think that Mexican is by far one of my all time favorites. Every time I get to eat nachos is a really good day. Having a build your own nacho bar at a wedding makes a fun, interactive activity for your guests to enjoy. Having a variety of toppings makes sure that everyone is a happy camper! Ole! 

 Photo Credit Click  HERE
Photo Credit Click HERE

Did I mention how much I love Mexican? Having food trucks can be a huge wow factor at your wedding. Logistically, it needs to be thought through. If you are getting married on the rooftop of the swankiest hotel, it might not make much sense to have a food truck sit on the street. Your guests will have to leave the venue, head down the elevator and hang out with locals on the street also indulging in your *free to them* tacos. If the venue can accommodate a food truck, I say go for it! 

 Photo Credit:  Salt & Pine  
Photo Credit: Salt & Pine  

Ice Cream Cart: Basically, everything is better with Ice Cream. I may be a little biased (my parents own an ice cream store) but nevertheless, ice cream is filled with happy memories. Why not bring those happy times to your wedding…an already SUPER HAPPY event! You could do ice cream sundaes, ice cream bars or have a cart ready to scoop out your favorite flavor. 

 One really great local option is  Cooks Ice Cream  in Elgin, Illinois 
One really great local option is Cooks Ice Cream in Elgin, Illinois 

S’mores Bar: Give me s’more love! Who doesn’t love a good, hot gooey s’more?!? No one I know! Create a fun, interactive childhood favorite for a late night snack at your next wedding or event! 

 Photo Credit and Original Story  HERE
Photo Credit and Original Story HERE

Bacon Bar: Some people believe BACON IS LIFE…and I would not disagree. This yummy breakfast staple is good any time of the day or night. Bacon dipped in peanut butter and chocolate takes the tasty treat to a whole new level. 

 Photo Credit:  Authentic Adventure Co
Photo Credit: Authentic Adventure Co

Pizza: Late Night Pizza…enough said. Gosh, I am getting hungry!

 Photo Credit and Original Story  HERE
Photo Credit and Original Story HERE

Donut Wall: This trend can stay around forEVAAA if you ask me. 

 Photo Credit and Original Source  HERE
Photo Credit and Original Source HERE

I’m not sure about you, but I am super hungry right now…I better go eat a salad from indulging in all of these delicious (but not so healthy) options! 😉 If you have a unique and creative late night snack idea, send it my way!