Two Hearts, One Home

 Photo Credit: google
Photo Credit: google

The wedding is over, the honeymoon is past, now what? You are about to embark on a lifetime of living with and caring for your spouse. Often the hardest part is blending two individual lives, routines and styles into one cohesive and happy home. Part of the excitement is figuring it all out. Sure, there will be rough patches and you might disagree on the proper way to make a bed but at least you will be figuring it out together. During these first few months of “really seeing what you signed up for,” learn to laugh through these quirks. You might not understand how someone can brush their teeth with no running water or why socks must be folded, but in the end, it all works out.

One area in particular that can be of concern is decorating your new marital home. Depending on when you married, you might have lived alone and accumulated a plethora of personal belongings. How are you supposed to blend two very different styles? One word: Bonfire. I mean, just look at this stuff! Where did it all come from? How are we supposed to blend together all of this STUFF??

 This is a real life photo of my current living room...what am I going to do??? ;-) 
This is a real life photo of my current living room…what am I going to do??? 😉 

Compromise is key, but  it can be difficult. Take for example, this mounted fish. While it is certainly not my style or will not be gracing my mantle anytime soon, we chatted and agreed that it could go in the basement “man cave” or in a lake house if we are ever lucky enough to have one. It isn’t bad…it’s just not “our” style!

Find a color pallet to decorate a home. Neutrals work really well as a starting point and then discuss if your style is more contemporary or rustic. More modern or more minimalistic. Rome was not built in a day, so don’t sweat the small stuff. You might get lucky and your partner might not care what style you choose…if you are in this special minority, count your lucky stars and decorate ‘til your heart’s content! Emphasize your similarities and give each other space. His collection of action figures have taken years to accumulate. Check out this blog for more tips and tricks to successfully moving in together. If you have any decorating or newly married-blending-of-the-lives advice, I would love to hear it! Comment below.

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Supporting Your Spouse

This past week, Adrian and I celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary! I can not believe how fast time flies! The thing with getting married, is life keeps moving after the wedding day. A marriage is simply not one day, it is a lifetime of constantly choosing that person. Every day, we choose to make it work and we choose to laugh. We also choose to cry and support each other when times are not easy. Choice, that is the thing that makes it all work. 

 Photo Credit: Authentic Adventure Co
Photo Credit: Authentic Adventure Co

Today, in this next phase of life, I am choosing to celebrate with Adrian while he is in Dallas getting a promotion for work! He has worked many long years in aviation and he is finally getting a well deserved transfer to international flying at American Airlines! We have been very lucky and blessed in our lives. It is important to realize the good things that happen in life and being able to work through the tough parts. 

Supporting your spouse does not mean that you obsess over every move they make, every meal they eat and how much sleep they get. Sometimes supporting your spouse means trying not to smother them in their sleep when they are snoring loud enough to wake the dead (not that I have ever contemplated this)! Supporting, means allowing them to be their own person while working together on shared goals and passions. When two become one, you do not stop living your individual life. You now simply have a 24/7 cheerleader and support system. You do not have to face the world alone.  

 Seriously, I have to deal with this on a daily basis! Photo Credit: Being Joy Photography
Seriously, I have to deal with this on a daily basis! Photo Credit: Being Joy Photography
 Finally, a semi-decent photo of us! LOL Thanks @Beingjoyphotography!
Finally, a semi-decent photo of us! LOL Thanks @Beingjoyphotography!

Everyday, we try and be a better version of who we were yesterday. Some days we fall short and other days we thrive. Having the desire to make it work and stick it through NO MATTER WHAT has served us well these past 4 years. I can not wait to see what the next 70 years has in store. 

In what ways do you support your spouse? I would love to hear in the comments below! 

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Planning: Ashley Nicole Events Inc
Videography: NightOwls Media
Photography: Authentic Adventure Co
Hair & Makeup: Tamara Hair and Makeup Artistry

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ANE Real Wedding: Kayla & Kyle

Every once in awhile, a love comes along that you know will stand the test of time. Kayla & Kyle have that love. This past Sunday, they celebrated their 1st Anniversary! I can not believe how time flies, when you are young, in love and having fun. 

I met Kayla and Kyle and immediately fell in love with Kayla’s spunky personality. We had a lot in common and it felt like we had known each other for years. Kayla, 100% trusted and believed that I could turn her dream into reality which makes my job so much easier. What I love about Kyle is his passion and clear adoration for Kayla. He loves her SO MUCH! This wedding was filled with COLOR and lots of sunflowers! Kayla found these fun bridesmaid’s dresses at JcPenny of all places! I was obsessed! I have a feeling, the girls will certainly re use these dresses. Their wedding was filled with so much love, laughter and smiles. It was hard for them to contain their excitement. Outdoor ceremonies can be tricky in the spring, however, the day was perfect and they were able to get married along the Fox River in Elgin, Illinois. 

Happy Anniversary Kayla & Kyle! Thank you for allowing Ashley Nicole Events Inc to be apart of your big day!

Vendor Spotlight:

Planning: Ashley Nicole Events Inc
Ceremony Venue: Walton Island, Elgin
Reception Venue: The Haight, Elgin
Florist: Town & Country Gardens
Hair & Makeup: Tamara Makeup & Hair Artistry
Catering: Evantastik, Inc
Cake: Delish Cakes
Photography: Love & Ink Photography
Rentals: A-Z Rentals
DJ: DJs For You