August 29, 2017

Office Romance Turns Into A Whirlwind Wedding

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Some couples meet at the bar, the grocery store, or even online these days. Kelly and Joe happened to meet at work. After many days of small talk, Joe finally asked Kelly to dinner at Boka, which happened to be her very last, first date. Neither Kelly or Joe are actually from Chicago, as they both happen to be from Michigan (it really is a small world). Since 98% of the guests attending would be from out of town, they wanted to show the very best that Chicago had to offer. They were very specific when it came to the location of the wedding, and the Wyndham Grand proved to be what they were looking for. It had the views they wanted and a breathtaking rooftop. How can one possibly compete with the scenic views of the beautiful Chicago River and city skyline?!

Wanting to accurately depict their individual personalities, they served their guests Kelly’s favorite macarons, their go-to late night pizza, two different cakes (to compliment both Kelly and Joe) and their favorite champagne signature drinks. Kelly’s final touch was incorporating her  favorite scented candle- whipped cream and pear from Anthropologie on each table. Reason being is that a certain scent can take you back to a specific time or memory, therefore Kelly wanted to think of their magical day anytime she lit one around the house.

When I think back to Kelly and Joe’s special day, I think of three things. The first thing to pop into my head was their beloved dog, Kevin who was able to be apart of their special day. Kevin accompanied his fur mom and dad on their first look and even danced with guests at the reception. How adorable is that?!?

The second thing I think of is Kelly’s dress, (or should I say TWO Hayley Paige dresses!) If I thought one was a stunner, the second one was even better.

The third thing I think of was actually a little scary in the moment. Let me explain…When Kelly and Joe were cutting their cake, they did not realize that at the base of each tier is a small piece of cardboard. When they tried to cut their cake, they hit the cardboard and kept pushing…in the process, they actually broke the cake knife and Kelly cut her two fingers! No fingers were lost in the process and no blood got on either the cake or the dress! It was however, a close call. After a brief delay, we bandaged the bride and all had a good laugh. This moment happens to be one of Kelly’s favorite on her wedding video. It was my first bridal injury, but I use this tale to inform my other clients in the proper way to cut a cake! (Thanks for providing a teachable moment, Kelly!)

Kelly realized several things in the planning process. The first thing she realized was that she actually really enjoyed planning. She just could not manage executing everything on the day. She didn’t want to burden family or friends with tasks, so she was very grateful to have a professional planner make everything happen. The second thing she learned is that she has very expensive taste! I am sure Joe will be regretting this discovery

Kelly had one mission. To get married. She wanted to keep the experience both intimate and reflective of their individual styles. I would say, job well done! Kelly, Joe and Kevin currently live in Chicago and are planning a honeymoon for their first anniversary where they will visit Greece and Croatia in September.

Vendor Spotlight
Venue: Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront
Photography: Ann & Kam Photo
Florist: Flowers For Dreams
DJ: Okyne Media
Bakery: Bittersweet
Hair: AJ Palace
Makeup: Shannon O’Brien