December 30, 2018

New Year, New Me & You!


gold confetti new year ashley nicole eventsToday is officially 2019! I can not believe how the days and months have flown by. It seems as if we just rang in 2018. I love this time of year because it means that we can all begin with a blank slate. Literally anything is possible in these next 365 days.

I happened to ring in the New Year with the sweetest couple, Katelynn and Lynden. Their wedding was out of this world adorable and they had a festive touch at every turn. Their festivities consisted of streamers, confetti poppers, sparklers and more. Needless to say, they were super excited to ring in 2019 with their friends and family.

black and white floral dress man woman  kissing

This year, I am going to make my health a priority by finding a workout routine that fits with my lifestyle and eating foods that fuel my mind and body. With this being said, my husband and I are officially beginning the Keto diet. I plan on blogging this experience to share with you, my friends! Other areas of my life that I am working on improving include removing all toxic beauty products and household cleaners from my home. The hubby is not super excited about getting rid of his “fresh scent” laundry detergent, but honestly, that scent is not so “fresh” but rather toxic. He will just have to deal! 

keto kitchen

If you are getting married this year, stay tuned! I will be featuring tips and tricks to make your wedding year a huge success. For all of my married readers, fear not! I will have plenty of content that will be valuable for you as well.

2019 is the official launch of Ashley Nicole Events new logo and brand! Stay tuned for the rollout of all things wedding related!


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