June 25, 2019

Moving In Together: Blending One Home

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man and woman wearing striped shirts looking at each smiling other holding moving boxes

The wedding is over, the honeymoon is past, now what? You are about to embark on a lifetime of living with and caring for your spouse. Moving in together and blending One Home takes time and practice! Often the hardest part is blending routines and styles into one cohesive and happy home. Part of the excitement is figuring it all out! Sure, there will be rough patches and you might disagree on the proper way to make a bed. Most importantly, you will be figuring it out together.

During these first few months of “really seeing what you signed up for,” learn to laugh through these quirks. On one hand, you might not understand how someone can brush their teeth with no running water, but can totally relate to how the socks must be folded.

Moving In and Unboxing Your Home

One area in particular that can be of concern is decorating your new marital home. Depending on your age when you moved in together, you might have accumulated a plethora of personal belongings. How are you supposed to blend two very different styles? Bonfire. I mean, just look at this stuff!

moving day with a lot of boxes laying around a room This was my living room the day we moved in together.

Compromise is key, but it can be difficult. Take for example, this mounted fish. It is most certainly a “style” but it is not “our style” and will most likely end up in the basement man cave or in our lake house.

mounted fish

Using Color Pallets To Blend Your Home

Start the process by finding a color pallet that you can agree on and build a foundation. Cool Neutrals (grey) are a very popular and trendy neutral that can blend across most styles and aesthetics. The other type of neutral is called a Warm Neutral (browns/tans) select a style that you can live with and compromise! The next step is to determine if you like a rustic or contemporary home. Do you like minimalism or lived in? Moving in together and successfully decorating a home can take years. Rome was not built in a day. However tempting, do not feel like you need to do every room at once. Start small and tackle one room at a time.

cool neutral home decor with grey marble and white accents

Warm neutral home decor. Brown leather couch and exposed edge wood chairs.

Emphasize your similarities and give each other space. His collection of action figures have taken years to accumulate. Check out this blog for more tips and tricks to successfully moving in together. If you have any decorating or newly married-blending-of-the-lives advice, I would love to hear it! Comment below.

If you are working up to hosting your first family holiday in your new home, check out this article on how to successfully host a dinner party! It does not have to be as stressful as I am sure you are going to make it!


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