November 13, 2018

Are You Martha Stewart? No? Then Don’t DIY.

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When planning a wedding, it can be very tempting to purchase and DIY all of the decor. Unless you are Martha Stewart, please save yourself the time, money and hassle. Here are a few reasons NOT to DIY your entire wedding and a few solutions to set you up for success.

Reasons NOT to DIY

  1. When the wedding is over, what are you going to do with 20 identical centerpieces? Nothing. That’s what.
  2. Who is going to set up the centerpieces when you are getting your hair and makeup done? Do you have time on the day to do both?
  3. If you try and sell your centerpieces after the wedding, you will never recoup the costs from making them. Do you even have time to try and find another bride to purchase these centerpieces?
  4. Are you crafty? If not, then your wedding is not the time to practice.
  5. Fake flowers are not always cheaper than real flowers plus, fake flowers look fake (read cheap).

Reasons to Rent

  1. Find a florist or design company that will rent you the necessary pieces for your centerpieces. Most of the time, if you rent items, that vendor will take care of setting them up. This will allow more time for hair and makeup and relaxing the day of your wedding. An added bonus is you won’t have to worry about the set up.
  2. You can walk away at the end of the event. If your vendors set up, most likely they will tear down. You can dance the night away and then just walk away at the end of the event. Best of both worlds!
  3. Some catering companies let clients take the left over food home at the end of the night. Most do not. If your caterer allows, you could donate the leftover food. Flowers can be brought to various neighborhood nursing homes as well.
  4. By having a florist or decorator, they can offer pieces that will be cohesive to your overall vision.
  5. Keep your sanity! Having help on your wedding day does not make you boogie, spoiled, or stuck up. It makes you smart, more relaxed and able to fully enjoy your day. You only get married for the first time once. Do it right!

What I Can Do To Help

Have you ever thought, I need to find the right stuff, but don’t know where to look? See if anything I currently have to offer is the missing link for your big day! Delivery/Set up is available upon request! Please note, flowers/candles are not included!

Wood Arborwood arbor outdoor wedding arch flowers

Wood Welcome Signwelcome sign wood

Crystal Candelabra

crystal candelabra

Small/Large Cube – Silver Only

small colorful box

Tall Clear/Silver Vase – Perfect for that WOW factor

Clear Cylinders – Perfect for flowers or floating candles

clear cylinders wedding

Low Silver Bowl

low silver bowl

Wooden Boxes

wood boxes flowers wedding

Textured Gold Ceramic Container (Comes in Square too!)

textured gold ceramic container

Make a grand entrance with these stunning oversized containers!

silver lobby vase stunning metal flower container


If one or more of these pieces seem like a good fit, contact me today to discuss incorporating them into your wedding decor. More styles available and arriving each day! Check back often. If you are also interested in how a wedding planner can help take the stress off, click here to read more. Finally, if you ARE Martha Stewart or pretty darn close, you can click here to see what she is up to!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Ashley

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