November 22, 2019

5 Holiday Dinner Party Hacks

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The holidays are an exciting time full of parties, beautiful decorations, and yummy food. So. Much. Food. However, it can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. If you are hosting a holiday dinner party, look no further than these 5 simple holiday dinner party hacks to make your night fun and stress-free.

5 Dinner Party Hacks

  1. Set the tone of the party with custom invitations! I have partnered with Minted and am proud to offer exclusive discounts for anyone who uses code HOLVENPL20TDQ9DY Who doesn’t want to save 20% on their entire order! I know I would! Minted also has coordinating menus and place cards. Coordinating paper products are so important to pull off a cohesive look and feel to your party. Double dip, if you also use Rakuten and get instant cashback on each order! I have applied my discount code there as well!
  2. Create a menu that is colorful and seasonally appropriate. No one wants to eat bagel bites at Friendsgiving. However, if you do want to eat bagel bites, click hereIf necessary, go full-on potluck and have your guests bring sides and desserts. Etiquette states that if you are hosting the party, you should be responsible for the main dish/meat (unless you can pawn that off on your mom). 
  3. Offer a signature cocktail! The holidays allow for some really creative cocktail options with mint, rosemary, cranberry, or spice. Pro tip – create the signature drinks in bulk to save time when the party is hopping! Making 20 individual cranberry mules can get time consuming and messy. If you have everything already assembled in a pitcher, easily pour into cups for your guests.
  4. If children will be invited, have a designated area for the kids to eat and play. Brown craft paper can be a lifesaver serving double duty as a table cloth and drawing surface, keeping kids entertained for at least five minutes. Pro tip – have washable markers or crayons on hand to easily create turkeys or play tic tac toe. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Set the ambiance with candles! Candles have a magical way of enhancing the mood of a room. Candles are also a fairly inexpensive way to create centerpieces or if scented, bring festive aromas to the room.

Bonus Tips

  1. Enhance the party vibes with music! Stream Apple Music, Pandora or Spotify with pre-curated holiday playlists or be daring and create a custom list. Your guests will be impressed with your musical inclinations. Friendsgiving Radio and 80s Pop Radio are two of my Pandora favorites.
  2. Make sure to have takeout containers to wrap up any leftovers for your guests to take home. Pro Tip – include your secret recipe for a dish you made so your guests will have something to take home and try making on their own for another party in the future!

Sneak Peek at Friendsgiving

My good friend, Ashley Hamm from Ashley Hamm Photography was so gracious to swing by before my Friendsgiving began to snap these amazing shots. I had a whopping 32 people attend and it was such a blast! We had candles, signature drinks, 2 turkeys, loads of stuffing and most importantly, wonderful company.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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