March 11, 2019

6 Tasty Signature Cocktails For Your Wedding

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Spring is finally in the air, here in Chicago. With the first twinge of spring, means wedding season is right around the corner. I could not be more excited. Besides the invitations and the ceremony, one of the first opportunities to wow your guests is during cocktail hour.  Cocktails are a great way to immediately set the tone for your spring/summer soiree by having a signature drink to serve your guests. I have put together a list of 6 fun and unique cocktails that will both excite your guests and keep them hydrated! Read on for 6 different options to include on your special day! Stay tuned for my anticipated post on cocktail hour food.

 Photo Credit: Being Joy Photography Photo Credit: Being Joy Photography

1. Rum Orange Swizzle

With the sweet taste of orange juice and rum, a summer favorite, your guests will have a sweet drink to sip down.

jelly toast rum swizzle

Are some of your guests under 21? Forget about the liquor, your underage guests will feel just as ‘cool’ by keeping these ingredients on hand: Sugar cube, Maraschino cherry, orange juice and ice. Full recipe here

2. Blueberry Mule

Putting a creative twist on a Moscow Mule, blueberries can be added for both flavor and a touch of color. Try putting the drink in a frosted glass to keep it cooler longer!

Are some of your guests under 21? Forget about the liquor, and add lemonade, frozen blueberries, zest and juice of orange and lemon, sugar, white vinegar and vanilla flavoring. Complete recipe here.

3. Flor de Cana Pina Colada

A typical summer drink, your guests will have this cocktail and feel like they are on a tropical vacation. Don’t forget a pineapple wedge on the rim of the glass for a nice, simple garnish!

Under 21? Simply take out the liquor, allowing your underage guests to enjoy a nice, refreshing coconut delight. Full recipe here.

4. Tropical Negroni

A classic drink but with a twist. To incorporate even more of the tropical feel, serve the drink inside a pineapple!

Under 21? Forget about the liquor while still keeping these simple ingredients: crushed ice, strawberry simple syrup and pineapple juice. Full recipe here.

5. Dragon Bramble

A unique cocktail will keep your guests on their toes, while also incorporating you and your significant others unique relationship! With a nice pop of color, this drink would be perfect with anything millennial pink.

Are some of your guests under 21? Forget about the liquor while still keeping these simple ingredients: dragon fruit puree, blackberry simple syrup, lemon juice and ice. Full recipe here.

6. Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

Rounding out our list is the Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade. With a twist added to regular lemonade, there will be a sweeter punch when mixed with lemon and sugar.

Under 21? Forget about the liquor while keeping these simple ingredients: lemonade, sugar, lemon sugar, grated lemon rind, muddled raspberries and ice. Similar recipe here.

What is your favorite signature cocktail? Mine is an oldie but a goodie…vodka tonic. 😉

Of course drinking makes people hungry. If you are in need of some late night options, check out this post. I would love to hear your ideas of either snacks or fancy cocktails to wow your guests.


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