April 23, 2019

5 Ways to Wow Your Guests During Cocktail Hour

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chicago wedding planner cocktail hour food

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Cocktail Hour is one of the first opportunities to wow guests at a wedding reception. Many couples focus on the drinks during cocktail hour. However, it is often the food that sparks joy in the heart and stomach of wedding guests. Presenting the food in a unique or fun way allows the personality of the bride and groom to truly shine. Below are 5 unique and fun mini bite options.

5 Tried and True Cocktail Hour Mini Bites

Comfort Food

Comfort food consists of childhood favorites such as Mac & Cheese, Chicken & Waffles, Tomato Soup, Pot Pie, etc. Anything that brings you back to fond memories and easier times. For a great recipe for DIY mac and cheese cups, click here.

Food Trucks

Love tacos? Try a Taco Truck! Turn street fare into wedding fare with a fun and unique meal option. Remember, this is cocktail hour, so you might only need two types of tacos. Street tacos are typically pretty small, so your guests will not fill up before the main course. For a list of the best food trucks in Chicago, click here.

Action Station

Action stations can also be a mixture of comfort food and trendy food. Have a chef grilling cheese sandwiches with a variety of toppings including bacon and avocado will always wow your guests. Not into comfort food? Try a sushi station. Click here for a clean eating version of a beloved classic.

Serve Your Self

A tried and true wedding classic is an antipasto platter and charcuterie board. Everyone loves smoked meats and cheese platters. Add some veggies and dip and guests will be satisfied. Click here to learn how to make an epic charcuterie board for your next event.

Edible Appetizer Utensils

Often, weddings use edible utensils or caries for the appetizer. For example, a cucumber goat cheese bite. The cucumber is the carrier for the goat cheese. Sometimes, caterers up their game and provide sweet and savory bites on edible spoons. Click here for the recipe for Peanut Butter Mousse in Tuile Spoons.

chicago wedding planner cocktail hour food

On the other hand, no matter what you and your partner decide to serve, try to keep it authentically you. Remember, there’s no other couple in the world quite like you, so why not make your special day even more unique by feeding your guests some truly one of a kind mini bites?

Once cocktail hour is over, the next major part of the wedding reception is dinner and dancing. Read here on how to make sure you select the best band or DJ for your wedding.

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