September 15, 2019

Functional and Trendy Bridal Party Gift Ideas

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In the never end of wedding “to-dos” providing your bridal party a gift is often last minute and overlooked. Let’s change that! If you have been a reader for a while, you might remember, I was sent a groomsmen gift to review. The gift was completely free and I was only responsible for providing my honest feedback. If you missed the review of gifts for guys, you can click here. After I wrote my review for the Bleacher Buddy, Joe asked if I wanted to test out some gifts for the ladies. Of course, I would be interested! Did I mention, I love getting free swag?!?  I reviewed the website Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique and selected my item to review. Below are my honest thoughts for purchasing gifts for your best girlfriends from Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique and surprisingly, Memorable Retirement 

Bridesmaid Gift: Tote Bag

Deciding what type of gift to provide the lucky ladies in your bridal party can get overwhelming. One great and functional option might be a tote bag!

Website: Surprisingly, this tote came from Memorable Retirement while it does not sound like a bridesmaid gift site, they have some unique pieces that can work for bridal party gifts!

Shipping: The box came very quickly perfect for when you have last-minute orders.

Product: I requested the beach lover tote. It has a faux leather handle and bottom with a canvas body. Perfect for the beach or a weekend getaway.

Packaging: The box came very quickly (like in 2 days) and was professionally packaged. I rank the packaging a 10!

Review of Product: I was extremely happy with the product. It seems like it is a good quality tote bag for the price. The faux leather is good for the environment and animal lovers! With plenty of personalization options, it is a great option for a bride looking to spoil her bridesmaids.

Overall Ranking out of 10: I rank this item a 10 out of 10. Overall, great packaging, great design, and excellent customer service.

Bridesmaid Gift: Robe

Here is my review:

Website: Very easy to navigate, constantly making updates and adding additional products to their site. Their products range in price from $11 to $285. Personalization is key with this company as you can put a name, monogram or face on pretty much anything they sell. Their selection of gifts at this point is not vastly different from other companies, but make it easy to select gifts that can be personalized. In conjunction with Groovy Guy Gifts, you can find something for just about everyone in your bridal party.

Shipping: They have the standard 8-12 business day shipping but also provide expedited shipping (5 business days) for those couples who forgot that they need to get something sooner. These types of purchases can slip by without even thinking about it! Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique is currently running a sale for FREE personalization and FREE shipping on orders over $75. If you have a medium to a large party, this will not be difficult as items can add up quickly. I love taking advantage of sales whenever possible!

Product: I selected the Timeless Collection Floral Kimono! The site offers several types of floral robes, but something about the navy option spoke to me. I also know that robes are STILL a very popular bridesmaid gift. For me, when I get gifts like these at weddings, I am not a *huge* fan of personalization…some of your friends might be single or in the process of changing their name. You can also of course order the gift without personalization. I wanted to get the full experience, so I got my first name embroidered.

When I ordered the item, I requested a navy robe with a navy inscription of my first name. I received a navy robe with my name embroidered in pink. I reached out to the company and they noted the error.  Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique gets bonus points for owning the error and immediately setting into motion the solution. *Another reason to not wait when you are getting gifts personalized.


Packaging: The box came very quickly! I rank the packaging a 10!

Review of Product: The Timeless Collection Floral Kimono in Navy is, in general, a good quality robe. The robe fits well and states that it will fit most people. Even if you can not tie the robe, keeping it open will still be a nice option.

Overall Ranking out of 10: I rank this item and the website an 9 out of 10. Overall, great packaging, great design, and excellent customer service from Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique. I did remove 1 star because of the unfortunate error in the color of my name. It is a brand new site, so in time, they will have as a unique selection as the Groovy Guy Gifts. In general, a good way to buy gifts for anyone in your bridal party. I look forward to seeing where they take gift-giving in the future.


Finally, If you need wedding favors for your guests, I have GREAT NEWS! Forever Wedding Favors is the newest site to pick some really cute and practical wedding favors. My personal favorite is THIS deck of cards. Forever Wedding Favors come in a variety of price points and offer something for just about everyone. Hopefully, you will find something that you love for your big day!

If you are stressing about planning your ideal timeline, check out 4 tips to create the perfect stress-free day.


As always much love and stress-free planning! Talk soon.


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