October 15, 2018

4 Month Wedding Planning To Do List

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4month checklistYou are four months away from your wedding. Still far enough away to not really feel the pressure, but close enough where you have some serious to do lists. Allow me to take some of the pressure off. Focus on these key items now. Forget about the rest…but not for too long! Stay tuned for further to-do lists throughout the year, to make sure you don’t miss a thing. If you missed the other to do lists, check them out here and here.

Fashion To Dos

  1. Confirm the bridal party either purchased or rented their attire
  2. Schedule all final fittings

Guest List To Dos

  1. Send wedding guest addresses to calligrapher

Ceremony List To Dos

  1. Select your ceremony ushers

Reception List To Dos

  1. Finalize Cocktail Hour and Dinner Menu
  2. Hire a babysitter if necessary to allow the parents to have as much fun as the kiddos

Other To Dos

  1. Develop wedding day timeline If you need help, click here
  2. Purchase bridal party gifts
  3. Continue to send out thank you notes for wedding and shower gifts
  4. Purchase the following (if desired): Ring Pillow/Flower Basket, Card Box, Toasting Glasses, Candles/Sand, Garter, Guest Book and Cake Knife. Don’t know what any of this stuff is for? Click here
  5. Determine a must have list for photographer
  6. Re confirm the reception venue load in and load out times, relay these times to all of your vendors
  7. Confirm honeymoon plans
  8. Select menu for rehearsal dinner

I know this seems like a lot of tasks to accomplish, but time flies when you are planning a wedding. Break this list into smaller to manage chunks to not feel overwhelmed. For more information on why hiring a planner can help knock out this list, click here.


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