August 15, 2017

Romantic Gatsby Wedding with a Flair of Chicago

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I met Katy a little over a year ago. I was first struck with her keen attention to detail and her incredible sense of fashion. When I found out Katie works as a school social worker, I sighed in relief, knowing she would have her ducks in a row. Katie even apologized ahead of time for being a “Type A Bride” I laughed and said that it just shows how passionate she is. As it turns out, she was not a “Type A Bride” at all. She was a woman who knew what she liked, didn’t like and more importantly, loved. I, in turn, loved this about her.

Katie and Adam met online (girl after my own heart!) while they both were living in Chicago. Adam was completing his residency at the University of Chicago and Katy was pursuing her career in social work. Surprisingly, they lived less than a mile apart, but never crossed paths. It was kismet that brought them together. Gone are the days of checking “do you like me” boxes, Katy’s best friend had to help her keep it cool replying to Adam’s emails (usually sent while they were both on lunch breaks. Ah, modern romance!) 

Incorporating their mutual love of Chicago and family were of utmost importance for Adam and Katy. Family was spread across the country, so  Adam and Katy wanted to showcase their beautiful city for their guests. River Roast served as the perfect venue providing a heartstopping view of the Chicago River as well as the urban, romantic/gatsby vibe they were striving to achieve. Adam’s one concern was the “wow factor” meaning (food, drinks and view) and for Katy, it was all of the personal details that she (and her entire family, Grandpa included) lovingly hand crafted.

One of Katy and Adam’s prized possessions happen to be their Guest Book, which included handwritten notes from loved ones to be opened on their 1st, 10th and 25th wedding anniversary. It was incredibly important for them to open notes from their grandparents long after they have gone.

Compromise, organization and patience was what got Adam and Katy through the planning process. They both had a lot of opinions but seamlessly blended their vision and style together. Katie wanted to offer other engaged couples one piece of advice: “If you can make room in your budget for a planner or a DOC (like we did) then it can help relieve some of the burden.  It is VERY important to find someone you trust.  I knew as soon as I met Ashley that she was going to be the best fit for us (and I had done a lot of interviewing). My husband and I had done all of the coordinating ourselves but you don’t realize how many little things go into contracts and vendors as you get close to the wedding.”  

Adam and Katy haven’t officially taken a honeymoon, as both of their careers are thriving and they are investing their money on their dream home. They happily couple’s careers have moved from the city to the burbs where they reside with their adorable pup, Mylo Melvin.

Vendor Highlights: 

Church: Assumption Catholic Church
Reception Venue: River Roast 
Photography: Gerber + Scarpelli (Belen Aquino)
Florist: DIY
DJ: Okyne Media 
Bakery: West Town Bakery
Hair & Makeup: Style on Site
Guest Accommodations: Westin River North