November 7, 2017

Q&A Series Part 1: Ask A Wedding Planner, ANYTHING!

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Believe me, no question is a silly one, especially if you haven’t worked with an event planner before! I wanted to start a 4 part series of top questions wedding planners get asked ALL THE TIME! Now, in full disclosure, these are my opinions and my responses to these FAQ. Other planners might handle situations differently but that is what makes the multitude of planners available perfect for clients. You (the client) can find someone who fits your specific needs! 

Q1. I am not sure I need an event planner. I have my mom/sister/aunt/friend and they can do it.

A. You have worked so hard planning the day of your dreams. I understand that letting someone else step in can be overwhelming. My job (or any planner’s job) is to take what you have dreamed and execute it flawlessly. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding that cannot be completed until the day of the wedding. The special people in your life should be able to enjoy the day with you, primping and relaxing; not stressing about the delivery of the cake. They will do their absolute best, but in the end, they will turn to you for direction. When you have an event planner, you become the star, not the director.

Q2. What specifically does an event planner do?

A. There are many things that event planners do, there are also many misconceptions. Many people think that planners “take over the show.” In all actuality, working with me, is the complete opposite. I am honored to have been hired by you and your vision is my main goal. I engage each vendor as an equal partner to turn your day into reality. Each person involved has their part for a successful wedding. Depending on how involved you want to be, we work together to create the wedding of your dreams. I can either plan the entire event from start to finish or I can help in specific areas that you simply do not want to deal with! I offer guidance, unbiased opinions and knowledge of the industry. I establish vendor relationships in every aspect of the wedding. I can guide you to the best photographer, DJ, band, caterer who will also “get” your vision to create a unified event for you and your guests to enjoy.

Q3. How have you handled being behind schedule?

A. We live in a perfectly imperfect world and sometimes things happen. Being a skilled wedding planner, I buffer scheduled time into every aspect of the day. Sometimes, limos get flat tires and sometimes the ceremony runs longer than expected (or shorter!) I know how to handle these minor bumps in the road (as most professional planners do!) and notify all of the appropriate vendors who will also be affected to give everyone a heads up of the situation. The key is staying in constant communication with all vendors to create a seamless day. A minor bump in the road should not derail the entire day. As your event planner, I work with your vendors to gently guide you along the day.

A professional planner knows how to handle the minor bump in the road and not let it derail the entire day

— Ashley Radosav
 Photo Credit:  K+B Photo

Photo Credit: K+B Photo

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